Robert W Green


I am glad to write a letter of recommendation regarding my longtime friend Darrell
McCune of Ottawa. We have been friends since about 1973. I suggest that voters take
the time to read his C.V. He is a retired music teacher of both elementary and high
school students at Central Heights and West Franklin schools. He has educated many
students in his capacity as a private voice and piano teacher. He was a summertime Park
Ranger. He has been the Minister of Music at First United Methodist Church of Ottawa
for many years.

Darrell is a man of integrity and honor. When he agrees to do something, he will do it
well. He is trustworthy and courteous. He has a longtime connection to the Kansas
National Education Association (KNEA) and has a genuine interest in the welfare of
Kansas students and their parents.

Darrell has been active in the Kansas Democratic Party. He would do an excellent job as
our State Representative in the Kansas House.


Robert W. Green