Cathy J Sutton

I have known and trusted Darrell McCune for over 30 years. We have worked together in a
volunteer and paid positions. I believe he is perfect to represent us as our state representative.
He is experienced in avenues of dealing with conflicting issues, but in this letter, I’m going to
review his character.

Darrell has enhanced the community. Teaching in the surrounding area and sharing his music
knowledge to the community though children lessons, directing church choirs and performing
in musical events. He knows how to deal with different personalities and make them work
together which would make him invaluable at the state level. He is not shy about asking people
to do their jobs. He finishes what he starts and does it correctly. I believe he would give his
100% if he was elected.


Ottawa is a small town around 13,000. People still say hi to each other on the street. We have
our issues as other town and cities do, but we identify them and the community and city works
on solving them. I have run a second generation retail business in downtown Ottawa since
1995 with my husband. We decided to stay in Ottawa and raise our two children. And our son
and his wife have returned to Ottawa to raise his family.


Cathy J. Sutton