Balance in Government

I have become increasingly concerned about the future of our democracy here in Kansas and in our country. There are those who would prefer a more autocratic form of government over having to answer to the will of the people. We know how dictatorships operate around the world and we currently are living in a very fragile democracy. We currently have a legislature that is obsessed with grabbing as much power as they possibly can from both our executive branch and our judicial branch. Our democracy depends on three co-equal branches of government and we need to protect that at all costs. When I am elected, I would like to help restore balance in the Kansas House of Representatives.

transparency in government

Transparency in Government

The legislature should avoid using the “gut and go” procedure for pushing through legislation at the last minute and without a chance for voter input. There are entirely too many late night changes to bills and bundling that are an attempt to get around the democratic process.

Diversity in Government

Government should be receptive to the ideas of those who have varying ideas and cultural backgrounds. It provides a richness of thought that has been integral throughout our country’s history. Diversity in elected officials and governmental employees is key to accomplishing that goal.


Role of Religious Beliefs in Governmental Policies

Separating religion from government allows neutrality and fairness to all beliefs. We must be careful to guard our fragile democracy from anything that could move us to a more theocratic form of government. I made sure to practice that philosophy while teaching in the public school system.

Voting Methods and Access

The recent legislation regarding advance voting ballots was to promote the big lie that there was some kind of massive voter fraud during recent elections. Extensive research has shown that fraud is almost nonexistent and is being fabricated as a wedge issue. The same is true for mail ballots, which have been proven to be secure and safe and were extremely important during the pandemic. True voter fraud is unacceptable, but more unacceptable is imposing policies that make it harder for people to participate in our democracy.

voting methods


The Ad Astra 2 map was a blatant example of gerrymandering. Splitting up communities of interest for political gain is not where we should be going. I would prefer the recommendation of Gov. Kelly that would convene a nonpartisan voting commission to oversee the redistricting process.