Darrell McCune


I value personal freedom, as do most of us, but a line must be drawn when that freedom threatens the lives or safety of others in our society. That is our history. Kansas has always been seen as a progressive and forward looking state in many areas, including education.

Darrell McCune

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I was born in Kansas, and moved to Ottawa nearly 50 years ago.  I taught elementary music in public schools for 47 of those years.  I’m now retired, but see that much work remains to be done.  I’m running for Kansas Legislature because I care deeply about protecting our democracy, and about giving back to the community that has supported me and my family for so long.

Public School Music Teacher

KNEA Director

Ottawa Police & Fire Volunteer

County Democratic Party Chair

Emergency Medical Technician

Pomona State Park Ranger

I do not seek power, fame, money.  None of that appeals to me.  If that were true, I wouldn’t have been an elementary music teacher for 47 years.  I did that job because I love music and I wanted to share and nurture that love of music with children.

I am a responsible gun owner and worked as a reserve police and fire officer here in Ottawa. I was a law enforcement officer as a park ranger at Pomona State Park. I was an EMT for most of my teaching career, helping out in emergency situations at a school with no school nurse.

I didn’t grow up here — I picked this city and county to work in once I graduated from college. I made a good choice and after almost 50 years of living here, it is truly home.

Public school music teacher

Public school music teacher

I taught music in Franklin County public schools from 1973 to 2020, at Central Heights and West Franklin schools. I decided at an early age that I wanted to teach music. I chose elementary students because I love the enthusiasm and love of music that these students have, as long as you work to nurture them.

Kansas National Education Association

As Chief Negotiator for our local teachers' organization, I was trained in interest-based bargaining as a way to approach negotiation in a non-adversarial manner. I have leadership experience as President of our teachers' association, President of the area KNEA UniServ district, and seven years on the KNEA board of directors.
Political involvement

Franklin County Democratic Party

I served for six years as Vice-Chair of the Franklin County Democratic Party. In 2020, I took over as Chair. This year, we have doubled the number of people filing for committee precinct-persons, and have developed a successful program of training people in door-to-door canvassing.

Minister of Music

I serve as Minister of Music at First United Methodist Church in Ottawa where I play piano for church services and direct two choirs.
Barbershop Chorus

Barbershop chorus

I've been actively singing in barbershop choruses and quartets for 50 years. I currently sing with the Central Standard chorus, and have placed second in international competition with them.
Music Teacher

Private music teacher

I have been teaching private music lessons in my home and online throughout my career.
Park Ranger

Pomona State Park ranger

I served as a park ranger at Pomona State Park.

Police & fire Reserve Officer

I served as a volunteer police and fire reserve officer with the Ottawa Department of Public Safety.

My better half

This year, I'm celebrating 50 years of marriage to my wife Linda.

My family

I raised three children in Ottawa, and have six wonderful grandchildren. It's important to me that we take steps to protect their future.

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